Where to Find Home Electrical Services in Fort Collins, CO

Trust us to preserve your home's beauty and upgrade your electrical system

Looking for a company that can provide home electrical services without tearing up your walls? Grason Electric specializes in working on old town homes in Fort Collins, CO without all the mess. We offer a variety of electrical upgrades, from spa hookup to rewiring services.

Having problems with your electrical system? Contact our electricians for electrical troubleshooting services today.

Find out how electrical upgrades can benefit your home

Find out how electrical upgrades can benefit your home

If you're considering doing residential electrical upgrades in Fort Collins, CO, ask yourself these questions. Do you want to make your home:

  • Safer? Prevent electrical hazards with our rewiring services.
  • Brighter? Use our indoor and outdoor lighting installation services.
  • More energy-efficient? Take advantage of our lighting retrofit services.
If you answered yes to any of these questions, call 970-852-4480 today to schedule home electrical services. We also offer outlet and switch upgrades so your electrical system can keep up with modern technology.